Delhi is the heart of India.The peoples of this city have origins from the various cities of India and the world.As you know that this city has the most wealthy class of peoples in India.Most of the population of this city are businessmen,corporate workers,government sector workers,private job peoples and self employed persons and as you know that in these fields there is lot of pain and stress is taken on the physical and the mental part.So most of the peoples are overburdened with emotional baggage from their work and environment.Its not only the working class but the housewives,school and college going students,old age peoples, etc suffer from the mental and the physical pressure.With this mental/physical pain and pressure/burden a person can have physical,mental,emotional, financial,spiritual issues in his life.To eradicate these sufferings people often follow the ayurvedic,holistic,alternative,naturopathy, medicine and healings.The holistic health practitioner or the naturopath can help the person but only on the physical level.

The physical health is governed by the mental health.Now through the healings with god course in delhi a person can govern his mental health and can achieve and live the life of his dreams.




विद्या का भंडार तारा

वैसे तो यह सम्पूर्ण जगत परमात्मा की लीला मात्र है।परमात्मा को हम निराकार एवँ साकार दोनों रूपों मे जानते-पहचानते हैं।कहा जाता है कि परमात्मा का कोई रूप और आकार नहीं है, वह आकार एवँ प्रकार Read more…

सब कुछ केवल महामाया की ही माया है

मेरे इस लेख से अगर किसी को किसी भी प्रकार से ठेस पहुँचती है तो मुझे अज्ञानी और अल्पज्ञ समझ कर माफ करें।मै एक तुच्छ प्राणी हूँ बस उस महामाया जगदम्बा भवानी की प्रेरणा पा Read more…

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