This is a call to all of the esteemed learners of the basic course of ‘Healing with God’. Just think of the time before you came into this learning. Most of us had a feeling that we are lost in a world full of pain and sufferings, as though we will never be able to come out of this experience, and that we are the puppets at the hands of the karmas. We held on to the ideology that we must repay our karmas so that we can end our sufferings and enjoy a peaceful life. Most of us were caught in the illusion of the law of karma, right and wrong, true and false, past lives and future lives, etc. Many amongst us were the regular followers of the rituals to please the grahas, deities, gurus and god men, to remove the astrological ill effects, to avoid the negative forecasts of the future. Most of the people amongst us were devoid of the good health and some even away from their true love and were struggling to win back their dear ones.

And then there came a time when after learning and implementing this knowledge, most amongst us were able to gain good health, got the true love in their lives, the few amongst us who were struggling to get their dear ones won them back in their life. The most spectacular thing that happened in our life was that we burst the illusion of the law of karma, good and bad, right and wrong, true and false, past lives and future lives, etc. We got the knowledge that now we no more have to please anyone because we ourselves are the ultimate creator of everything, whether it’s good or bad, high or low, black or white. We got the wisdom how to create the experience we desire. Worries of the ultimate goal to find the God and enlightenment fell apart. Unconditionally, we started to enjoy our life to the fullest.

Tell me, how relieved were you with the knowledge you gained at that time? Most amongst us at that time felt liberated, as if they were free from the bondages of struggles, sufferings and pain. All were on cloud nine, experiencing that they have got almost everything in their lives. If we compare our life now and then most of us will say that it has been a major turn of 180 degrees.

My purpose here in bringing up all this is call for an introspection and ask yourselves how it will feel if your loved ones and all of the people connected to you also have the same experience that you had when you were on cloud nine. How will you feel if they also get the same benefits you gained after learning this knowledge?
Remember, in the course you learned that you are everything because you are God. If you are God, which implies ‘everything’, then please disseminate this knowledge to liberate others because they are a part of yourself and somewhere is hidden a part of you that is struggling to burst the illusion of pain and sufferings. Have mercy upon them and pull them out of the illusion of pain, sufferings, struggles and create the experience of joy, happiness and bliss.

You might ask yourself how you can create the experience of Joy, happiness and bliss in the life of others. The answer is simple. Join the Basic Instructor’s/ Teacher’s course of ‘Healing with God’ and spread this knowledge to the masses who are eagerly waiting to learn this experience from you.

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