After the huge success of ‘healings with god’ I am delighted to share the ‘healings with god advance level’.The idea behind all this was gained from the earlier students.They were very much keen to learn this knowledge in the form of advance level.In this course we have touched some very-very deep issues like the mystery behind the life and death,recognizing the true self or the source,the concept of incarnation or re-incarnation,the group consciousness and how we tap ourselves to it,how you are responsible for creating your life,how you are using the supernatural powers (asht-siddhis) without your knowing and you poses them all…….and much more.

The whole course is packed with the answers to the deep questions related to spiritual knowledge for which even the learned masters has no answer.The whole course is a combination of theory as well as practical.

How will i be benefited from the course? Well,the benefits are unlimited.First of all you will tap yourself to the unlimited joy.Here you can ask this question that “what will i do with the joy if my wishes are unfulfilled? but you are wrong when you ask this question because when will you feel joy? Obviously when everything in your life is perfect and in the right direction as you desired.If everything is not in right direction how will you have joy?

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