Are you ready to achieve Bhairava Consciousness?

healings with godAre you free from fears of the death? Are you free from the worries of the future? I am asking these straight questions just to draw your attention towards the hidden aspect of yourself, which is really your true-self in the form of Bhairava.When this Bhairav is awakened you start to live your life to the fullest.At that time you are in total bliss and the saying ‘I am shiva’ or ‘aham brahmasmi’ is being fulfilled.You are then free from the fears of death and the worries of the future.

Who is Bhairava? Bhairav is the fierce form of shiva signifying the commanding nature of our true-self which is fearless and the height of bravery.

Without realizing your true self in the form of Bhairav you can’t come out of the fears of death.It is the fear of the death which is keeping you away from realizing your real-self.Your true-self is free from the fears of death.Actually it is the creator and the destroyer of the death.

Bhairav has many forms signifying the spectrum of the various emotions of the fearlessness or bravery.Asht-bhairav or the eight forms are most prevalent.When you realize yourself in the form of bhairava consciousness, you will then witness Mahakali being seated on your lap, fulfilling the desires because she is his consort.And you will then achieve the fullness.Your couple is incomplete without this union.

healings with god

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Are you ready to achieve Bhairava Consciosness?
Bhairava is the hidden aspect of your true-self, which is the height of bravery.Invoke your bravery by achieving bhairava consciousness.Take step in this learning through 'Healings with God' course.Call me now on 9213099525

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