healings with god instructorAvail the golden opportunity to become a certified instructor of ‘Healings with god’ course.Earn handsome income while helping others to find the happiness, health, wealth, joy, abundance, success, etc in their life.In this 3day intensive training course participants will be trained to gain the in-depth knowledge of the topics covered in the course along with sharpening their intelligence and teaching skills.After the completion of the course the participants will be supported to popularize themselves on the social media like (facebook, youtube, linedin,google+,etc) and other sorts of media.The photo along with the profile of the teachers will be displayed on the official website of the Healings with God.

For more details contact:- +91- 11 9213099525, 9868540374, 011-64656844

E-mail us:-healingswithgodinstitute@gmail.com


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