1.How will I be benefitted from the course?
After doing the course if you work accordingly as taught in the course so you will be able to come out of the adverse situations of your life and you can make your life joyous and happy.
2.Is there any prerequisite for the healings with god course?
There is no prerequisite for the course.The requirement is the quest to know and a person can be flexible enough to come out of the prior conditionality of the mind.
3.How much time do I have to practice the course?
If there is any issue and you remove the illusions connected to the issue and you give the remembrance and experience of whatever you want to have.Whatever the time you take to do that is the time required to practice.The practice is for that much time only.
4.Is this course meant only for the spiritual aspects?
After learning this course you can work on many issues related to life.
5.Can healings with god show positive results on the issues of the diseases?
Yes,it can show results on the issues of diseases.
6.Can healings with god give benefits on the Money related issues?
Yes,It can give results on money and other issues of life.
7.Do healings with god works on the Love,relationship and married life issues?
Yes,it can show positive results on all of the issues stated above.
8.Are there more courses in the line?
Yes,there are more courses in the line.These courses are on Money,Wealth,Health,Love,etc
9.How much do I charge for the healing sessions?
It is your choice and the clients convenience.Wherever both of them meet charge that much.
10.Is it essential to charge money from my clients?
There is no ‘No’ and ‘Yes’ on this.It is between you and your client.(However if you feel bad/guilty in charging money then in this case work on the illusions related to the feel bad factor in charging money on yourself)

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