prana vidyaPrana is the power which is filled in each and every tiny cell of the body to keep it moving.Not only it keeps them moving but is also responsible for their multiplication.Life can’t occur without prana.There is no existence of this universe without prana.Each and every particle of this universe is filled with prana.Through the prana the wheel of life is rotating continuously.A healthy mind and body is the product of dominant prana-shakti.
If the five divisions of prana namely Prana, apana, saman, vyan, udan works in synchronicity with each other the mind and body stays healthy and blissful.On the contrary if they are out of synchronicity, the mind and body gets disturbed.It is so because the five tattva’s or the elements gets disturbed resulting in access or scarcity of the elements in the body.The panch tattva’s or the 5 elements are governed by the prana.
Like if in the body the vayu-tattva or the air element gets disturbed it will create gastro-intestinal diseases.A person can witness aches in different parts of the body.With this the jal-tatva or the water element gets disturbed affecting the blood pressure in the body.Simultaneously the chitta will be disturbed and there will be burst-out of the emotions.Creating anger and frustration.Sleeplesness will be another added problem.The peace, focus and concentration will be lost which are the base of the healthy mind and body.
It is not only the mind and body alone that gets suffered but the various other aspects of life get’s affected due to the depleted prana.If the relationships are not working then the prana is depleting in the relationships.If the business or job is at downfall again the cause is the depleted prana.If the desired results are not coming even after the repeated efforts then the cause is the depleted prana.
The pure prana continuosly nourishes the mind and the body.Its the source of energy and nutrition for everything in this universe.The problems or the sufferings arise only when the prana gets depleted.If they are depleted fully a person is declared as dead.The prana named ‘Dhananjay’ is the last prana to leave the physical body and is responsible for its disintegration. We name it as ‘Kaal’ or the ‘Mahakaal’.
Every goal can be fulfilled with the help of the potency of the prana.Because prana alone are the source or the creator of everything.If the mastery over the prana is achieved one can even attain the amaratva or iccha-mrityu the death according to his will.I know after reading all this your question is that “How can we attain this knowledge of boosting the prana?” Well! The answer is that you can attain this knowledge through attending the course named “Prana-Shakti”.If you are in Delhi then come to know more about it on 27th February 2016 at hotel Ramhan 3/1, east Patel Nagar, New Delhi-110008.(Near Metro station Patel Nagar) Timings:- 4-6 pm.