Most of the people in this world are worried about the negative energies around them.They have this fear that these negative energies will cause problems to them.Some of them even have this fear that they are afflicted by these energies and because of this they are not succeeding in their life.If you fall in this category or believe that something wrong is out their attached with you then don’t worry because after learning this course you can come out of this problem.

Negative Energy Removal from Your Home

Negative energies are the unpleasant energy vibrations which eventually build up in a human as well as in their surrounding environment. When they build up in our homes, these energies lead to damaged emotions and terrible incidents, which can impact the lives of the people drastically. It can be a single room or the entire house that falls prey to the negative energy. Whatever be the affected area, the ultimate result are physical and mental problems in people who live in the vicinity of such energy.

Inception of Negative Energy

There are multiple sources from which negative energy can be born. Some of them are:

  • Human Behavior

All forms of negative emotions like depression, anxiety, anger, jealousy, etc. give rise to negative energy. This not only affects the person from whom this energy is generated but also the people who are present near to such person.

  • Paranormal Activities

Paranormal activities like presence of distressed spirits or the people who died in pitiful circumstances are likely to create negative energies for the living people.

  • Ancient Objects

Objects like antiques and second hand objects can hold negative energies of the people to whom the objects originally belonged. In case their previous owners had any issues, those feelings or energies cling to these objects and are passed on.

How to Cleanse Your Home from Negative Energy?

Whatever be the reason for the entrance of negative energy in your homes, one thing is sure; it creates havoc in the life of the people living there. In case you are also affected from any negative energy, try the below-mentioned cleansing rituals for cleaning your house and negative energy removal. These methods ensure that positive energy flows through your house, eliminating the negative vibes and their effects.

Some of the methods which you can try are:

  • Burn Sage and Essence Sticks

Burning sage is one of the oldest methods of cleansing homes from evil spirits and negative energy. Open all the windows and doors of your house. Light the sage and starting from the last room, spread the smoke in all the rooms and corners of your home up to the ceiling. After you have done this, take the sage and place it outside your home and let it burn off. Afterwards light Frankincense and Copal in order to attract positive energy in your home.

  • Put Salt In Room Corners

In case you feel that only a single room is infested with negative energy, then put some handful of salt in the four corners of your room. Let the salt sit for 48 hours. This salt will absorb all the negative energies present in the room. Wipe the salt after 48 hours and throw it out of your house. You can also add saffron in the salt for more effect, as evil energies are said to hate the smell of saffron.

  • Clean Your Entrance and Windows

As the doors and windows serve as entrances of the positive energies in your homes, it is essential to keep these areas clean. For doing this, fill a bucket with water and squeeze 5 lemons into it. Then add a cup of salt and 1/4th cup of ammonia/white vinegar to it. Clean your doors, door knobs, windows, etc. with this solution whilst wearing gloves. This proves to be helpful in negative energy removal if lots of people come to your house daily or the society you live in is full of negative activities.

  • Use Protective Crystals

There are numerous crystals which absorb negative energy. Some of such crystals are Black Tourmaline and Rose Quartz. These crystals when placed in homes greatly work towards negative energy removal.

  • Fill Your House With Sound

Empty houses often fall prey to negative energies. Moreover pure sound repels negative energies. Therefore walk through your house with a bell or chime in your hand and fill your house with good and healthy sound.

Above mentioned remedies are of general nature.For specific and effective results please avail our healing sessions.You can opt for negative energy removal session for home, office, work place, land, hotel, mall, site, etc.In this session the negative energies like evil-eye, negative spirits, wandering spirits, entities, psychic attacks, curses, black-magic etc will be cleared.If this session is combined with the healing session of the person asking for clearance solid results can be attained.Please understand that the negative energies will be transformed into the positive energies or the love and light of the almighty God.

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